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Monster Buck Taken by Ohio Hunter–Part 2

December 14, 2009 by  
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We have more info on the Ohio monster buck story posted a few days ago, its definitely worth sharing.

Hunter: Brian Stephens from Clayton, OH

This buck was harvested the opening day of Ohio’s gun season, November 30, 2009 with a .50 caliber Thompson Center Muzzleloader. After officially scoring the buck it will probably become the largest non-typical ever harvested in Ohio with a smokepole. The giant rack has 18 scorable points and one of the main beams is likely to be the longest ever recorded at 35 inches and the other is beam 34 1/2. It is expected that the buck will have a net B&C score of over 235″.

Here’s the story we have……Brian is an experienced hunter with over 27 years of deer hunting under his belt so he knew the buck was a big one from the first time he saw it. He was hunting with his family and some friends on their farm in Highland county. Brian was hunting from his tree stand in the morning when this monster buck approached trailing a doe. The thick brush kept him from shooting even though they were within range several times. Eventually they wandered off and he never got a shot. Man, that had to be tough! That afternoon Brian came back to his stand, hoping to get another chance, and luckily for him he did. A little after 4 that afternoon the buck appeared and quickly gave him an 80 yard broadside shot. The smoke from the blackpowder blocked his view for a few seconds then he saw the deer run and go down for good. Congrats to Brian on this giant Ohio buck!






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  1. Rick Busse says:

    I was wondering how that photo appeared on this site?

  2. JT says:


    They were emailed to us by a reader. This buck is so awesome I thought it worthwhile doing a second post. Appreciate you reading our site.

    Have a Merry Christmas,

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