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Monster Buck Named Freak Daddy

February 5, 2010 by  
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Just got this great story from Diane Siman.  She said her son’s Caleb, Luke and Isaac hunted and finally harvested this monster non-typical buck they called Freak Daddy. This is a cool story with a happy ending. Great job guys!

This is the final thread on the 3 year journey with a truly legendary and amazing whitetail buck named Freak Daddy.
It all started in July of 2007, when me, my brother Isaac and my brother Luke were doing our usual summer ritual of filming velvet bucks. It was evening, and we were rounding a point in one of our bean fields when Luke and Isaac spotted a “good buck” that had a very noticeable kicker coming sideways off the left G-2. I was behind them and didn’t get a chance to see the buck.
The rest of the 2007 summer and deer season went by without another spotting of the “G-2 kicker buck”. That coming spring, my cousin Matt found a very unique shed on a property in the area. This was the first “proof” that the “G-2 Kicker Buck” existed.

That spring (2008), one of my good buddies family put out a new Stealth trail camera over their mineral lick. This family, who will go by the Freeman’s, only owned a few acres that’s bordered a large farm that didn’t allow hunting, about a 1/4 mile from my property. They soon started getting pictures of a absolute MONSTER buck, that had very unique kickers coming off both G-2’s and also a very noticeable deformed left antler that grew back off that skull. We quickly got together and changed the name of that buck to “Freak Daddy”, and he instantly became an internet sensation that summer on websites like Huntingnet and Ohiosportsman.

Using those trail camera pictures, we estimated Freak Daddy to have between 18-22 points and a gross score around 180″. He visited this mineral lick at an alarmingly regular pace. Every single night they would get 10-15 minutes worth of pictures.  Of course, when bow season rolled around in late September, he went MIA. At this time, only about 10 locals new of this buck, and besides the trail camera pictures on the internet, we kept our mouths shut. Nobody saw him while hunting for the first month. But that all changed on the evening of October 25th, 2008. That’s when I had my first and only encounter with this legendary buck. I was set up over one of my fresh alfalfa fields, hunting for does. I had my camera with me, and i was about to take a doe that i had at 30 yards when i noticed another deer enter the field off to the left. What I saw i will never forget.

I had him in the field for around 10 minutes. Nothing would get him off the does. Rattling, grunting….nothing. I made a pact that night to never shoot a immature deer again, not after what I had witnessed. On Wednesday of the 2008 gun season, when my friend Ryan Freeman was walking back on another piece of property to help us drag out a few deer we had shot, he made his next appearance. It was after legal shooting light, and Ryan jumped him out of a small 2 acre harvested bean field, not 200 yards from the road. He made his next appearance on the second to last day of the season in February, and this time he was spotted by Ryan’s brother Alex, minus his right antler.

The spring of 2009 found us shed hunting earlier then we usually were. We went out three times and a week and combed our hunting grounds for his antlers. On Mothers day 2009, I was rewarded. The Antler that i found ended up taping out at 81 1/2 inches. We had unbelievably high expectations for the summer of 2009. I purchased my 4th trail camera just to get some photos of Freak Daddy. All of our mineral licks were refreshed. Everything seemed to be in place. The year started out perfectly when I captured my first images of Freak Daddy on May 9th.

After that, nothing, not a thing.  For the next 7 months, not a single sighting, picture, video or rumor about Freak Daddy. Its like he vanished from this earth. We spent hours driving around and filming velvet bucks. We had trail cameras on every piece of property we had permission for. We did everything right, and got nothing. The mineral lick that he visited hundreds of times in the summer of 2008, didn’t capture a single image of him. We feared him dead, poached, hit by a car, moved out…every bad ending you could think of.

In July, Ryan “might” have had a sighting of him near his property while driving home one night. Nobody could tell for sure. Around November 1st, we heard a rumor of a large droptined buck that was sighted at 10 AM running out of Ryans property across a wheat field. Once again, no “proof”.

Then, in the 2nd week of November. We got proof. Ryan and a buddy from the forums were hunting my property and both ended up seeing him. Jay had him at 200 yards and Ryan at 100, both said he was a “freak”, and bigger then last year. Ryan said his droptine was 9+ inches and the spread was over 20″.

A week later during youth season, a local young hunter that was hunting down the road shot and missed a buck 3 times that was rumored to be 180″. There was a lot of buzz that Freak Daddy was in the area and making daytime mistakes. Regular gun season came around and the deer sightings were down. I went out a handful of times and never even saw a deer. My 14 year old brother Luke was the most determined. He had been in southern Ohio for youth season and had actually passed on a handful of does because he was holding out for a “big buck” this year, although he has only 1 doe kill to his credit. He actually got within 50 yards of a good buck down there but couldn’t get off a shot.

Sunday rolled around with the weather being cold and the hunting being terrible. Me and Ryan decided to screw the evening hunt, and Isaac and Luke decided to go out. I laid down on the recliner with the Colts-Titans game on a took a nap. At 2:52 I missed a call from Luke. At 3:05 i answered a call from Isaac that went like this:

“Luke just shot Freak Daddy”
“I swear to GOD I’m holding his G-2 right now!”

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  1. Greg says:

    What a lucky kid! A Truely awesome buck.

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