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Monster Buck from Lousiana

January 11, 2011 by  
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I just received an email from Joe with a story and pictures on a true monster buck recently harvested in Louisiana, check it out!

Ken Bordelon was deer hunting on Monday, January 3, 2011 on some land in the Louisiana Delta Plantation that he and his dad farm for a living.  That afternoon, Ken went to his favorite stand, a ladder stand with a simple shooting rail around it, and it didn’t take long for deer to start showing up.  “I got there around 2:45 and two yearlings and a four point showed up pretty soon after I got there.  The four point ran those deer hard most of the afternoon, back and forth.  Then, about a quarter to five, a little button head came out and him and the four point decided to see who was the king of the mountain,” laughed Ken.  As the two young bucks were trying to show each other who was the boss, Ken noticed a big doe in his food plot.  “At about ten till five I saw this big doe ease into the food plot.  I put my rangefinder on her and it showed 235 yards.  While I was looking at her, I saw him step into the rangefinder.  Once I saw him, I didn’t figure I needed to look anymore!” exclaimed Bordelon.  With every step the buck too into the food plot, Ken’s heart beat faster and faster.  Finally he was able to compose himself good enough for a shot.  “He was eating on a little clover patch, broadside, and I finally was able to settle down enough for a shot.  When I shot, he wheeled around and ran about 50 or 60 yards and he just stopped.  He was broadside again and I took another shot and dropped him where he stood,” Bordelon said.  “I tried to wait about ten or fifteen minutes, but I’m sure I just jumped right over the rail!  I ran down there and that’s when I realized how big a deer I really did kill.  My phone started ringing right then because I had my cousin and my Dad hunting with me, and they wanted to know what I had shot.  At first I called him a 12 or 14 point but when I finally counted everything that could be considered a point, well that’s when I really realized what I had actually shot,” laughed Bordelon.  It didn’t take long for word to spread of the monster buck that Ken brought down, in large part due to a common social network found on the internet.  “My wife posted on her Facebook page that I had killed a big deer.  I don’t do any of that Facebook stuff, but when we got back home and she posted the picture up there, my phone didn’t stop ringing until about 11:00 P.M. the first night!  Well, the next morning I got up early and went to our place in Mississippi.  I just as soon stayed in the camp because it did nothing but ring while I was over there,” laughed Bordelon.

Ken Bordelon proudly displays how he started off 2011 with a bang. A trip up to Bastrop, La and Simmons Sporting Goods proved to be a good idea.  “A few of my friends kept telling me how big this deer was.  A few said it wouldn’t go over 200? and one said it wouldn’t make it over 190?.  When I got to Simmons, some young guys came in to score it and when they saw the deer the first words out of their mouths were ‘We’re gonna be here a while’.  I told them I just wanted it to beat 190 and they told me that if that’s all I wanted, I could load him back in the truck because it’ll be well over the 190 mark!” exclaimed Bordelon.  The buck indeed was well over that mark; he was scored at 242 4/8? with 23 total points.

“I’ve never killed anything like this before.  The largest deer I’ve ever killed was a 14″ wide 8 point.  With no trail cameras out, we had no idea this buck was back there, but there was some good sign that a buck was there with all the hookin’s and stuff.  He’ll be at the taxidermist Monday morning!” Bordelon said excitedly.


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  1. Wow! Just a King Stud Buck! ^5 Congratulations to Ken!

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