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Monster Buck Bedding Area Stands

April 18, 2011 by  
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 If you know where he sleeps you can kill him! Much of my hunting strategy revolves around knowing where a big buck beds, but I seldom ever hunt right in Mr. Big’s bedroom, but when I do its normally my last resort. In recent weeks I’ve discussed late season scouting and how I use this time to locate core areas or “bedding areas”. I love to  set up along a bucks travel pattern, leading from these little security areas in the “weakspots” I’ve talked about, but what if that doesn’t work? Normally, I will take two or three cracks at a buck before I ever hunt him in the morning, then, when the time is right, I’ll dive into his bedroom. There’s one catch though, I believe these bedding area stand sites have to be prepared well in advance, and right now is the time to get these spots ready!

Its tough to catch a mature buck coming back to bed late in the morning, especially during early season. Occasionally, opening weekend will offer a short window of opportunity  to catch a monster with his guard down, moving back to his bed later than he should. I’m a big moon hunter, and if I’m  going to try a  morning hunt, I want to make sure I have a late morning moon time for my hunt. This is one of the rare times I have witnessed first hand, daylight movement in the mornings. The key is having these spots ready well in advance, you just cant get away with disturbing a cagey old bucks bedding area during season.

When it comes to pre hanging a morning stand site, there’s a few things you need to keep in mind. First, how can you access the spot without spooking deer from the food sources during early season? You have to be able to avoid the crop fields when entering your stand if at all possible. Secondly, you may only get one chance to hunt this spot so you need to make the most of it, once you’ve picked your tree do some trimming.

These bedding areas are usually in the thickest cover, and normally require trimming shooting lanes, something you wont be able to gety away with come September or October. Keep in mind to only trim what you have to, if it looks like the power company came through a mature buck will pick up on it! Next, try not to set your stand facing east! There’s nothing worse than having the sun directly in your face, hindering your ability to see! Use the morning shadows on the west side of your tree to help conceal yourself! Lastly, the woods are going to look very different 6 months from now, make sure you can find your stand location without any problem. You have to be able to access these morning spots with as little disturbance as possible. I like to mark my trails into a bedding area with trail tacks, this way I can get directly to my tree without issue. I will also do a little pruning along this path, getting rid of anything I might brush against leaving scent on or that might make noise.

If I have learned anything over the years when it comes to chasing big whitetails, its the little things you do when you don’t have to, that make the difference when its too late! I have always had my best luck hunting monster bucks in the evenings, but I am always prepared well in advance, to dive in and hunt a giant whitetail right in his bedroom if I have to! I’m sure you have a pretty good idea where the big boy you are after spends his October afternoons, get out and get that spot ready to go now, before its too late!


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