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Monster 21 point Adirondack buck from upstate New York

November 15, 2010 by  
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Loyal reader, James Wood forwarded this info about a monster buck recently taken by hunter Bob LaVergne of New York. James found the article at

21 point Adirondack buck from upstate New York

”The 21-pointer: The topic of Adirondack hunting has come alive this week with the demise of what is likely the biggest antlered buck I’ve seen since starting this Web site in 2000.  The buck was taken on Nov. 6 by North River, NY resident Bob LaVergne.  Bob is a member of The Gooley Club and was hunting there with a group of guys.  While waiting to make a deer drive he embarked on a little still-hunt and encountered the beast in a nearby swamp and quickly dispatched it with one well-placed shot from his 30-06.  The next day Bob brought the buck out to Indian Lake where it created quite a stir.

The buck weighed 178-pounds and sports a non-typical rack with 21-points. I can’t wait to hear what this buck green scores when it is measured in January after the 60-day drying period.  Bob knows he is a lucky hunter and for him the fun that surrounds taking a big buck is just beginning.  We’d like to officially congratulate Bob and his hunting partners on his success and thank him for sharing his story.  Also, special thanks to Mike Blackburn (Blackie),  Matt Fuller, Bruce Mitchell, Jerry Choppy, Dan Ryan and Mike Moriarty for their assistance in helping us find out more about this incredible buck. This just proves there are trophy deer in New York, especially the Adirondacks.


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