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Missouri Provides P&Y Buck #4

November 24, 2009 by  
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09 MO10pt

2009 has just been a great season overall. After tagging a great 9 point in Illinois I headed to Missouri to hunt with Brian Lindberg of Soap Creek Outfitters.  I “ran into” this 10 point buck while headed for my creek bottom stand at noon on day two of my hunt. The buck didn’t see me slipping through the cottonwoods so I dropped my pack and grabbed my rattling antlers. He was maybe 200 yards away, I figured I could easily bring him in. But after a few minutes and no response I thought I saw him leave through my binos. I sat back and grabbed a Snickers bar to let give him some time to move on so I didn’t spook him while getting into my Lone Wolf stand. A few minutes later I had closed the distance to my stand and was around 80 yards out when I saw the buck again. I grabbed my grunt call to try something different. The buck stopped and looked in my direction but just wouldn’t come in. This time the buck headed north across a pasture for a small woods.  I was frustrated so I pulled out all the stops, I grunted several more times and rattled again. Dang, still no reaction!  As he was about to jump the fence and disappear into the woods, so I did a quick snort wheeze, now that got his attention, he took a few steps in my direction. I did it again and he came running towards me, quickly I grabbed my Hoyt and ranged a small opening in front of me where I hoped he’d end up. A few seconds later he was quartering to me at a little over 30 yards and stopped just about where I though he would. I was on auto pilot kill mode and the Carbon Express arrow was instantly on its way. The Slick Trick 4 blade broadhead punched completely through and the buck went down about 30 yards away in plain sight. What an exciting hunt!! Taking mature bucks on the ground with a bow is never easy and this one put on a great show before finally cooperating.

Brian offers semi-guided deer and turkey hunts for archery and gun hunters in southeastern Iowa and northeastern Missouri.  Hunters provide their own food and may stay in one of his nice cabins or in local hotels. He has several thousand acres under management with over 90 tree stands in place. He is flexible and allows his hunters to hang their own tree stands, which is what I preferred to do. This was my first hunt with Brian and it was a good one, I’ll go back again.

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