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Missouri Monster Buck with a bow

October 19, 2009 by  
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Donnie Baker missouri monster buck

Donnie Baker arrowed this monster non-typical buck in his home state of Missouri on October 5th 2009. This buck has great character, 4 drop tines, stickers, extra brow tines and a big 10 point frame. Sounds like Donnie had no trail camera pictures or previous sigtings of this buck but was plenty happy to see him when he did. Congrats Donnie!

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22 Responses to “Missouri Monster Buck with a bow”

  1. Johnson says:

    I heard that he scored this buck on hunting property.

  2. Interested says:

    Donnie has admitted to poaching this deer. Deer has been confiscted.

  3. Rick J says:

    Maybe, Everyone is just jealous about this deer. If it were an 8 pointer, doe, or a spike no1 would give a care in the world where that deer was taken. Ive heard so many rumors on this, I know Donnie and hes a good guy. Give the man a break and he will get it figured out between him and whoever this may concern. No need to be jealous! thats all this is! U could bet this deer woulda been taking care of..

  4. none says:

    Now is that a fact, if so what a piece of crap. I dont care if he poached it, but to tell people he shot this leagle. I hope that he gets something for this, as the rest of us are out there trying to do the right thing. What a slap in the face for him. I imagine this is going to cut down business for him or at least I know what kind of person he is.

  5. poached-eggs says:

    deer was poached on non-hunting land and confiscated. amazing how people will break the law just for a set of antlers.

  6. Jimmy says:

    He killed it legaly (with a bow) but on property that does not allow hunting just off a military base.

  7. mohunter says:

    Nothing is legal if any part of the kill is illegal. Game Wardens would not have conficated it if it was legal and he would not have admitted guilt. Don’t defend Donnie he can be the greatest guy, but he has been caught taking that deer illegaly and that is all there is to it. It will cast doubt on his past and any future kills in many eyes. The deer was illegally shot on Ft Leonard Wood in a no hunting area. He was not signed into legaly hunt on the fort that day even in an area to open to hunting. I and a lot of other people had seen that deer, some of us pretty up close and never tried to take it illegally. What gives him the right? He deserves what ever he gets for his actions.

  8. JT says:


    Can you email me an article or something that proves the deer was not taken legally and confiscated? We do not wat to publish any stories or pictures for deer that weren’t taken legally.

    Thank you,

  9. mnhunter says:

    Rick J and Jummy pull your heads out. Dont defend this guy. He is a piece of crap in a lot of peoples eyes and his previous trophies should be questioned. Wonder if he has cheated anyone on the Big Buck Contests.
    If you want proff call the CFt Wood Game Warden. They have the rack and hide and intend to have it mounted and hangit in the office.
    Donnie shot this deer in a no hunting area and was not signed in to hunt on the instalation. Also it was shot near a bait sight. He used the pics to promote Trophy rock and had recieved a $20,000 contract fom them.
    What a guy did for the dolar and fame now will be on the wall of shame.
    Donnie Baker was one of the archery experts at the Outdoor Rec Center on Ft Wood.
    He is now banned from Ft Wood.

  10. mohunter says:

    I agree with mnhunter maybe you should contact and verify what has been the offical actions in this case. Please post your results for everyone to see, there are Donnie supporters who belive him and who doubt this happened illegaly or have some of the facts twisted. There are certainly lots of stories with different twists to them, even I have heard stories with several completly different circumstances in the local area. Everyone I know likes Donnie but his actions speak of his integrity and respect for the rules. I will email the Fort Leonard Wood Game Wardens office phone number to your e-mail address.

  11. ramizzou says:

    I have pictures of this buck that my wife and I have taken on Ft. Leonard Wood down by replacement center no hunting area

  12. AL says:

    I’ve known Donnie for several years and he’s a straight shooter. Why is it every time some one kills a nice deer the controversy starts? I talked to Donnie today in the Outdoor Adventure Center. Where do people get this crap he’s banned from the Fort? Pull your head out of your rear end and go say hello to him tomorrow behind the counter while he tunes your bow proabably for free. Bunch of jealous low lifes.

  13. DW says:

    Its too sad, a deer of this caliber should have been taken in a legal matter. I live locally and for those of us who hunt ethically, could have had the opportunity to kill this deer legally. Its not about being jealous, its about a hunter who got greedy and forgot about what the sport of hunting is about. Fish and Game do have the head>>>>>and what about the rest of his kills?????? are they legal????? Very interesting..People have pics on game cameras of this deer over bait.

  14. What is the deal???? says:

    I know Donnie is not banned from FLW. I saw him at the sportsman center Wednesday. Let’s just ride it out and see what comes of it. Im sick of the rumors. I do hope he killed it legally, but hope he gets punished if he didn’t.

  15. FS says:

    OK I got this from the hourses mouth. I talked to the Ft Wood Head Game Warden today. He told me the deer was taken at the running track by 43rd replacement. He informed me there were several folks with pictures of the deer some on trail cameras (in legal hunting areas) and some by hand in the very spot it was taken. He further told me Donnie attemted to register the deer as if it were taken off post, and the fact is that where it was taken is not a hunting area at all. When he started publisizeing his kill some folks recognized it, kinda hard not to recongnize this monster if youv’e seen it, and they brought it to the attention of the Ft Wood Game Warden office. They in turn opened an investigation and with all the evidance presented they found the deer to have been taken illeagally. He never said if Donnie admittited to it or not but to know the exact location of the kill he would have had to. The deer is now at a Taxiderist being mounted to find it’s final resting spot in the Ft Wood Game Warden Office. Although he didn’t go into detail of the extent of the punishments he did say Donnie was banned from Ft Leonard Wood and could never obtain a Ft Wood hunting permit again.

  16. Happy says:

    Heck Yeah! Hope he gets what he deserved. Donnie can’t stand it when someone else gets nice one. He acts like that post is his own private hunting ground. I killed a buck early season one year on the post, you should have heard the stories made up about me, baiting the deer, using a spotlight, bunch of crap. I ended up winning the Big Buck Contest that year too with that deer. He wasn’t too happy.

  17. brandi says:

    to all my new hunting pals…..
    I first start this post with I am so glad to be able to say I now have eight new buds that have NEVER broke or bent the law in anyway. Judging can be a start a pretty tough road. Hopefully you or your offspring will never bend the laws in place for hunting. I guess Donnie can not say the same. We can go back and forth on details, he said she said, should have shouldn’t, fair and not fair but when it comes down to it…What’s Done is Done! Donnie no longer has a job, his child has no insurance and his lively hood is gone. If you are looking for justice well I think it was MORE than delivered. As far as time, you are wasting it on a subject of a hairy animal God placed on this earth for us to eat along with a young man and father. Think over your comments and posts and how this “mistake” that was made is being drug out. I KNOW each of you have made mistakes take a minute and think about the time and words you have wasted on the topic, it’s not getting you anywhere. Maybe it makes you feel better or maybe you enjoy a good slamming session but give it up, it’s over, it’s done & he’s been dealt some so called justice. Use you time wisely, put your words to some good use, take a minute and pray for Donnie and imagine yourself in his shoes. I know it’s not easy we all see fault in others, it’s a hard thing to do but look at yourself and then post wisely.

    I wrote the previous statement after my first thoughts in the next lines:

    Happy- doesn’t seem like a happy person….congrats on the Big Buck Contest we are ALL glad you got it & thanks for sharing 😉

    FS- glad you got your info from a horses axx, oh I mean horses mouth Glad to hear our tax dollars are being well spent on his hour of gossip with you (I know I shouldn’t have used the axx but you did leave that dangling in front of me)

    DW- questioning ones past, something in your past we should know about? you know i have always heard one directs the focus on others when they themselves have something to hide

    mnhunter- you have some issuses hopefully you and conselor can work through those

    mohunter- hide behind mnhunter & your computer screen that will get you somewhere in life

    none- WOW! name calling over a deer…can you say “little” to belittle is to be little, we try to teach our children prior to preschool not to name call, it’s just not nice
    yeah bet you never did anything wrong, throw those stones

    johnson- you know how to get started buddy

    interested- “admitted poaching” I take it you talk to Donnie often, friendship clearly showing

    Posting these sarcasim remarks is fun and boy don’t we feel proud when we pick at others. I am working on looking inward rather than focusing on others faults. As you can see by my first thoughts it’s work in progress. Please think of all the mistakes made in your life and think before you post your next cruel remark.

  18. brandi says:

    one last thing…GREAT Picture looks like one from a magazine!

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  20. mnhunter says:

    You may be family or friend but no matter, the facts are he stole from every and lied to a lot of people. If he stole something from a store or stole your jewelry would you be defending him. No difference here.
    You think I need couseling because I dont agree with what Donny did and feel he got a slap on the wrist for shooting the deer. He took what didnt belong to him and deserved worse than he got. Plus didnt he also try to scam Trohy Rock?
    I feel sorry for the child without insurance but not Donny. He deserved what he got plus more.
    As for the photo, ya its nice till you hear the story, then it is sad. He tried for fame and got shame.
    Maybe Donny should be the one to end this story by posting the facts and apologizing for his action. When he can be man enough to ask for forgivness than forgiveness can be given.

  21. Dustin says:


    doesn’t the bible say something like forgive and forget, pretty sure it doesn’t say you shouldn’t forgive unless they ask for it. How many things have you done wrong in your life, must not be many if you think you’re high and mighty enough to judge others.

  22. Donnie Baker says:

    Well it has been over a year since my BIG screw up. I hate that folks think I am a piece of crap or I started stuff about there kills. I ran the Big Buck contest and did the measuring for 7 years for the Fort. I am sorry you feel this way HAPPY but I keep to myself and never entered my deer into the contest for I could have won it at least 3 times. Anyone who wants to come look at my deer I welcome you. The funny thing is that I do not have one monster in my collection. I screwed up so bad it was not funny and that is it. I thank you for those whe gave me the benifit of the doubt but I did take the deer in a no hunting area. I knew better than anyone else but I had seen the deer 6 times and when I realised he was over 200in stupidity set in strong. I took the Trophy Rock pic for my boss there was 0 money talked about or offered. Oh… the corn pile and treestand belonged to the person who turned the pic over to the Game warden’s yet this hero dod not get into any trouble for hunting or baiting in a no zone. (KETTLE… POT)
    I have lost hunting property that my father and I have hunted since I started squirrel hunting. I have old friends and a lot of family who wont even look my way anymore. I worked day and night to get a bow shop in the new Outdoor Adventure Center that was up to date enough I would have my own equipment worked on there. As if loosing that 7 year DOD job family and friends with very little place to hunt now. I had a terrible car accident the 29th of Dec. going to a job interview. I have not walked since nor have I worked one day. I have had 4 operations and it will take at least 3 more to try and get me on my feet. I also played about 200 softball games a year but those days are more than likely over. I cannot pick up my 2 year old son or play catch with the 7 year old. THE GOOD STUFF!!! I am closer to god and see things in a diffrent light now. I blame only myself for all I have been through and there is not one hard feeling from me to anyone who has bashed me all over the Fort and the web. I did deserve it but I am ready to try to get on with my life now. To all of you happy hunting for I loved it as much as anyone and there are still a few stands out there that I set. If you kill or even see an ol big buck out of one of them please take the time to think of me.

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