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Missouri Buck

September 27, 2013 by  
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Missouri-buckI was lucky enough to be invited to join friends on a 300 acre lease out  in Missouri. In April a buddy and I made the trip from Ohio to do some turkey hunting and to scout for the upcoming deer season. We found a lot of deer sign and quickly located some great spots to hang our stands.

The Missouri archery season started on Sept 15th so I drove out the day before and did some glassing. On day one the weather was terrible, thunderstorms dumped buckets of rain on me and the thunder and lightening were very impressive! I was very happy to have stopped on the trip out and bought a ground blind. I sat in the blind all day and had a small buck and doe come within range but not exactly what I was looking for. I really wanted the wind to change so I could head to the South East corner of our lease.

On day two the wind was wrong again for the S.E. corner and it was storming so I ended up going to the local gas station/diner and hung out talking to some locals. The wind was supposed to change around noon and was forecast to be from the East, perfect for the tree we cleared in the corner! I headed back to my room, got cleaned up and headed to the farm. When I arrived and checked the wind it was perfect so I loaded up my climber and headed out.

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