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Mineral Lick Still Attracting Big Bucks

August 17, 2009 by  
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I pulled my SD card from my Moultrie Game Spy 4.0 IR camera on Sunday afternoon. It had another 1,300+ pictures and still had 39% battery life left. Wow, now that’s an efficient camera. I replaced the batteries anyway so I’ve got plenty of juice now that season is about 6 weeks away. Trail cam problems are common knowledge among hunters and it seems this technology still has a way to go before it’s perfected. My main gripe with the Moultrie is it seems to take pictures of nothing sometimes. Maybe it was fast bird, but I can’t see what triggered it. Overall though the Moultrie brand was superior to Cuddeback for me this summer. My Cuddeback IR ran through batteries like the wind, seriously, two times in a row it was dead within a couple of days at 136 and 141 pictures. Yesterday the digital readout was frozen saying something like “LowBat:52″ and didn’t even respond when I turned it off. The picture clarity is not as good as the Moultrie trail camera took either, day or night.

Also, last time I put down some Cmere deer on the edge of one mineral lick last time around to see what might happen and the honest answer is I’m not really sure. I applied it to a small log on the left side and have no pictures of deer licking it or the weeds and sapling where it was sprayed straight ahead. So I’d say the jury is still out on that product, maybe I’ll have to try it next summer without a mineral lick to see if it draws them in on its own.

Here are some of the better pictures I had (double click to englarge them). The one big brow tined 8 point is now a great looking 9 point with several stickers and super mass. Probably a 4.5 year old buck. I’ll be honest, he’s a shooter in my book no matter what he scores. No new bucks showed up this time around but many more does and fawns were in the lick.

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