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Mineral lick attracts new deer

July 29, 2009 by  
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I just pulled the card from the Moultrie Trail Cam yesterday afternoon and was happy to see I had pictures of bucks I have never seen to this point. It was also interesting to see they were hitting the salt & mineral in the middle of the day as well as early and late. Our summer here in Ohio has been very cool so they may be moving more than usual in the “heat” of the day. I have several pictures of does with fawns which is very cool to see. My kids really look forward to seeing all the new pictures too.
As an experiment, I sprayed 32oz of C’Mere Deer ( mixed with a gallon of water on the edge of the lick. I sprayed it on a log, tree and some tall weeds. The deer are already hitting the salt & mineral daily so I’m curious to see what happens now…stay tuned.

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