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Merriams and Sheds

May 9, 2011 by  
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I would like to thank the guys at American-Hunter for allowing me to post my columns and for all the viewer comments, I hope that my ideas on chasing Monster Bucks helps everybody harvest their biggest deer ever! As you can see, I have been chasing turkeys in Wyoming and harvested my first Merriam turkey with my bow on the Solitude Ranch nears Devils Tower Wyoming. Not only is it a great ranch for birds, but strictly managed for trophy whitetails! I had a chance to hunt there a couple seasons ago and took a great P&Y animal. I also had a chance to do a little shed hunting and scouting for this fall and can’t wait to make a return trip in September!

I’m heading to Canada next week and will not have access to the Internet, so I will pick up my column when I return. I will be chasing bears next week in Alberta, north of Edmonton, and hope to get a crack at a Boone and Crockett bear! Its been a very late spring there and the snow has melted off this past week with the bears finally starting to hit the baits. The area I’m hunting has a mixture of both Black and Grizzly bears so it should be interesting, the outfitter has already had a big Griz on a couple of the baits! The following week will be spent looking for sheds in the Bow Zone and I will be scouting for an early season weakspot since I’m planning on making it  my first deer hunt this fall. I honestly believe that the Edmonton Bow Zone may very well be the best place in North America to shoot a giant Whitetail, it’s by far my favorite place to hunt!


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