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Merino’s Mule Deer

November 1, 2013 by  
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Derriks-buckIdaho opening morning and my son Derrik is looking across the canyon at a group of bucks and they are heading our way. They were at 470 yards when they suddenly stopped and started getting a little nervous. Derrik told me that the first one on the far right was the biggest one and that he was going to shoot. The first shot sailed just over the top of him, as the buck was looking around trying to figure what was going on the second shot was on it way and hit him in the front shoulder, down he went. The buck was a 22 inch 3 point. Derrik is three for three on Idaho opening mornings.
Angels-buckI took me the four days onto the hunt to finally get a buck down. On the third day of the hunt I missed one of the biggest bucks I’ve ever hunted….that’s all I want to say about that. Sick to my stomach. On the forth day it was windy and raining like no other, looking across the canyon my buddy spots a deer bedded down, we pulled out the spotting scopes. It was 24 inch 4X4.  I circled around the mountain a was going to make a stalk from the top of the hill and work my way down to him. With a spotter across the canyon and my radio (ear piece)in hand the stalk was on. With the sage brush so tall I could not see a thing. So all I was hearing was left, right, down…….. Then all of a sudden a hear your right on top of him 10 YARDS. I slowly stood up and seen the top of his horns, I went back down and moved a little to my right when I finally seen his body. That’s when he finally saw me, he stood up I shot and put him right back down. The weather was horrible but it made for perfect staking conditions.

Angel Merino

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