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Matt’s Ohio Buck

October 5, 2012 by  
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After a freak accident to my left hand, the recovery has been slow. I’m getting stronger every day but the fine details like working a buckle or turning a bolt are still very frustrating. I am very fortunate to have great friends that help me out. I have been shooting my trusty PSE compound again religiously and am confident at shooting out to 30 yards. I have been practicing through some minor pain because I really wanted to take a buck with my compound again this year. I did it tonight!

I have been watching this buck since early summer an have tons of trail camera pictures of him. He is no where near the buck I shot last year but he was the first buck that looked like he was going to be nice after his rack filled out. I really enjoyed watching him and coming up with a plan to take him if a bigger buck didn’t show up on another camera……they never showed up!!

Our season opened up September 29th but tonight was the first time the wind was right for my set up. I blew two deer out walking in to my stand and two hours later negotiated a shot with the eyes of 9 other deer and a dozen or so turkeys surrounding me. The shot was 22 yards and placed right where I was aiming. I watched the buck run off to the West and was glad he was staying on top of the ridge instead of running down the biggest hill in the county! I climbed out of my stand and sent a text message to my buddy JT then went home to give the deer some time to expire. When JT came by to help he laughed and told me that I have been telling him for three months how that deer would run straight downhill to the bottom if I shot him. We laughed together all the way to where the blood trail curved over the ridge and headed down hill.

We found the buck at the very bottom of the hill submerged in the middle of the creek, needless to say I got wet, it was a tough drag and I rolled a quad in the process! I am sore and no doubt will be hurting tomorrow but thankful to have avoided serious injury.

I wouldn’t trade that moment hunting or hanging out with my buddy for anything (well maybe for a smooth road up that hill!). My wife always asks after I tell her the stories “and this is fun?”…..Yes honey, it is. :)

I have not put a tape to him yet, we were guessing about 150 as an eleven point from the trail cam pictures. We noticed tonight he is now a ten point having broken off one good sized tine clean from his main beam so he’s probably low 140’s gross now. Regardless of score, he has some cool character and will look great on my wall!

Matt Sheterom, Realtor

Ohio Homes and Acres, LLC.

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    Well done Matt!

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