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Matt’s Ohio 10 Point Buck

November 26, 2009 by  
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A hunting buddy of mine, Matt Scarbury from Ohio submits the following hunting report on his 2009 whitetail hunt and some valuable lessons learned.
As the 2009 season approached I had some awesome trail camera pictures of a giant buck on one of the farms I was hunting and was confident I could get on him early. Boy was I wrong. A hunting buddy of mine warned me about the trap of locking in on one single buck and not keeping my options open and time spread around to other farms earlier in the season. I thought to myself there is no way I should do that, not when I have trail cam pictures of this 180 class buck. 
Matts Ohio buck
Boys be careful, this is a nasty trap that is hard to get out of. Before I knew what had happened I had spent the entire rut setting the same farm and seeing the same little bucks. All because of a few trail cam pics of  a monster buck in the middle of the night. I felt sure he would show up eventually, but he didn’t.  Thanks to some great suggestions and encouragement from my huntin’ buddies I moved to another farm that my family had hunted for years and was able to connect on this nice 10 point a couple days ago. I was hunting a small corn field on the edge of a group of pines and he came to feed before the rain moved in. After some tense moments of tracking through a weed field we were able to recover the deer before the rain came down. He is not the monster buck I had my hopes set on but I am proud to put my tag on him. Thanks to all my buddies, the guys at Team MAJIK outdoors  and Elite Archery for the hard work and great memories this season. Now lets go duck huntin!
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