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Matt’s Double Bearded Gobbler

March 22, 2011 by  
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As we approach the opening day for spring turkey seasons across the Midwest I thought it would be fitting to share this hunting story sent to us from Matt Sheterom in Ohio.

Here’s a couple of pictures of my 2009 Spring Gobbler, my best ever. According to the NWTF records its the #26 Best Eastern for state of Ohio, #551 Best Eastern overall. His double beards measured 9″ and 11″, it had one spur broken at 1/2″  the other 1 1/2″, weighed 24.25 lbs.

I used a  Primos True Double diaphram call, and my Benelli SBE 12 gauge. I called the bird to 80 yards the week prior but a hen took him away. The following week I finally got ahead of them and when the hen crossed my path, he followed and I took the shot and dropped him in his tracks. Afterwards I ranged it and he was 62.5 yards away. I thought it was far but not that far, I had mis-judged the distance for sure. I would never had taken the shot if I would have known. When I got to him he had what looked like one pellet to the head and several more in his neck and upper chest, lucky for sure!

Matt Sheterom

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