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Mark’s Trophy Bull

October 12, 2011 by  
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Here is a great hunting story that speaks volumes to the value in applying for those premium tags out west. The draw process can be a painful but the end result can be some outstanding hunting. If you’re interested in learning more about drawing these tags click here for articles and tips on the subject at  Congrats Mark!

10 years of preference points to get the tag, so we made it count on opening morning.  We spotted this bull with about 25 cows and 3-4 satellite bulls.  To start it off we called in one of the satellites and he spooked, which got the whole herd moving.  So we got just over the ridge and ran about 300 yards to get even with the herd.  At this spot we called in another satellite bull and didn’t see the big bull, so off to the races for another 300 yards.  We got to a nice clearing and there was a cross fence which was slowing down the cows.  We spotted the bull we wanted and let out a bugle to stop him.  I tried to gather my breath for the free-hand, 200-yard shot.  He let out a bugle as I squeezed the trigger.  The bull didn’t really know what happened and went down in about 20 yards from the double lung hit.  It definitely seems easier when holding a rifle!  The 4.5 mile pack-out filled up the rest of the day…

Mark Rohlfing, Nebraska Leasing Agent

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