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Mark’s Monster Wisconsin Buck

November 26, 2010 by  
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Just got this picture and hunting report from Mark in Wisconsin. What a great buck, congrats Mark! Thank you for sharing your success with us.

After scouting an area for a couple weeks I set up along a field edge by a natural funnel area where I had spotted several bucks.  I had an 8 point on my trail cam which was no monster but seamed to be the biggest at the time.  After a couple days of hunting and several small bucks. I checked my pics again and there he was.  Three days after the first viewing I was in my stand as a storm started to roll in. It was around 45 min. before dark when it started to rain. I looked out to the west and saw a flash of lightning in the distance so I decided I should get going when a deer showed up in front of me. A few seconds later he picked up his head and there he was, a buck of a lifetime. After picking my jaw off the ground and getting my self settle down a little, I waited for the opportunity to get a shot. After what seamed like forever ( probably only 15 min or less) he gave me the shot. It started raining harder now, so I went to check for blood and found the arrow right away and it was full of blood confirming a good shot. I started looking for a blood trail right away hoping the rain wouldn’t wash my trail away. After searching for several minutes I finally found some blood leading into the brush. Luckily he only went about 30 yards and I was blessed with this awesome trophy. He’s a 12 point with 20 ½’ spread, officially scored 182 6/8 net Boone and Crockett.  Should be the new Marathon county WI typical record.

Mark Woller
Merril, WI


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