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Mark’s Monster Buck

December 11, 2012 by  
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Here’s a great story from a young guy who’s gone through some tough times recently after a bad motorcycle accident. His desire to hunt deer again was part of his motivation for a strong recovery. Looks like its all paying off big time. Congrats Mark!

Thankful in Ohio….

Thanksgiving morning involved a cup of coffee, Ray Stevens and a buck of a lifetime. I had set out that morning listening to Ray Stevens, sipping some coffee and heard the song about how the squirrel went berzerk. I was hoping that was not going be the case for me, seemed like that was basically what I saw most of this season though!

I had seen this beast on trail camera and heard the neighbors talking about the buck. He had double drops last year and was never given a nickname because he was beyond description. We had heard about what he scored last year from scoring the sheds and he came in around 213.  Hunting towards the end of the rut, I had hoped to catch a buck coming in for some food. As I had a corn pile 20 yards from my stand. When he came in he acted like he was completely worn out from the rut and feared absolutely nothing. With a “force” on one side and this monster on the other, I was trying to find time to get my bow. He came up from behind me and gave me a bird’s eye view of his rack.

Wow! I grabbed my bow and slid into position for a shot and needed him to turn and come towards the corn pile. He did just that. Practically facing me he looked at me throw my scope on my PSE Viper crossbow. When his head went for breakfast my Rage 2 Blade smack his rib high and tight behind his shoulder. The bolt turned straight in but did not pass through. We waited a couple hours and discussed the shot before we left to find him. We had no trouble he layed about 150 yards away in the steepest part of the woods. I have not had him officially scored yet. We did just a rough score at 200 5/8. Should know more before to long.

Two years ago I was in a motorcycle accident and broke all my limbs. Missed that year of hunting completely and it really re-kindled my passion for hunting. I am so happy to be alive, walking and deer hunting again.

Mark Schlabach

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