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Man vs Whitetail: Big Buck Down! Joe Scores!

October 17, 2011 by  
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3 Responses to “Man vs Whitetail: Big Buck Down! Joe Scores!”

  1. I have to say the music su**s. The video was well shot and edited fine.Rap and hard rock music doesn’t help you in the 40 and older hunters & viewers. IMHO , they want to hear a more mellow type country ,mid-western type music. Bad music to me is like going to eat somewhere , where the bread and tea suck. It ruins the entire meal Just mho. I want to guess that buck scored 135 to 145? Good luck good hunting & Great Health!!D.Boone

  2. Jerry Lee says:

    Didn’t look like it was a very good shot. In the neck. No mention was made that it was a bad shot either. He said he thought he put a good shot in him. IMO you want to say if it was a bad shot so new archers don’t get the wrong idea and think neck shots are acceptable. Otherwise, great buck. Music was fine with me. I’m not into country western anyway. lol.

  3. Double D says:

    Com on guys; Nice deer,GREAT SERIES,PLEASE DONT get commercialized.Keep it up!

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