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Magnus Bullhead – Super Turkey Broadhead Preview

April 5, 2010 by  
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Today’s product is the Bullhead Broadhead made by Magnus out of Great Bend Kansas.

Product Description:

The Bullhead is a broadhead designed specifically for turkey hunting. It comes in 100 and 125 grain with three long super-sharp blades 1 ¾” in length each. Each pack includes three Bullheads, an instructional video and a set of replacement blades. They retail for around $39.99 per three pack, and as always with Magnus broadheads they come with a lifetime replacement guarantee.  

Thoughts and Comments:

It’s TURKEY TIME!!!!…and I think I have found the perfect bowhunter’s solution for a broadhead. As I took one of these little devils out of the pack the first thing that I noticed was how hair shaving sharp they were. You do not want to make a mistake with one of these. Next, it was easy to see how strong and well made they are. I suggest you watch the video before attempting to shoot these as there are a couple of tricks to making them shoot dead on. I shot the Bullheads out to twenty five yards without a hitch on both the Victory arrows that Magnus sells to match the Bullheads with four 4” feathers, and on my big old Easton 2315 shafts. I followed the instructions indexing one blade down making sure I had clearance on my riser and the sight. I then shot into a pillow hanging down per Magnus owner Mike Sohm’s instructions, as some of the harder targets would be tough on the long blades. Also, you must remember to tighten the blades after each shot. The heads flew fantastic and I had a great group with both arrow shafts. I did however have to tweak my sight a little to bring them dead on the dot. Now it is off to the woods to see how these heads perform on those big old toms!!! I will give you the final review later in the season.


  • Super sharp.
  • Super strong.
  • Large cutting diameter.
  • Good flight.
  • Lifetime replacement guarantee.


  • May be a slightly harder for some bowhunters to set for perfect flight compared to traditional broadheads if they do not follow the directions, but I feel it is totally worth the little extra effort that it took me. I had them flying like darts within five minutes.
  • It is harder to index one blade down on some arrow combinations.


9 out of 10!!

Contact Info:

If you want to contact the great people at Magnus, or just want to see some more info on their great products go to

I think you will find that Mike Sohm and his great team at Magnus are some of the best people in the industry to deal with and are always there to help you with anything you need.

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