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Looking like Prime Time is Here…by Tim Herald

October 31, 2012 by  
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It is the end of October, and as usual big bucks are falling to hunters, but it seems that weather conditions have been and are about perfect. Over the past weekend, temperatures in the Midwest dropped below averages, and the big boys were really moving. I sent a friend on a hunt in Iowa with Straight Arrow Outfitters where I will hunt in December, and on Saturday, 3 of 4 hunters took 147, 160 and 170″ bucks. I know Bill Jordan of Realtree took a great 168 – 8 point in Kansas among tons of other big bucks that hit the ground.

I have hunted at least part of the day the past 4 days here in Kentucky, and I think our deer are just a little behind, but it could break out just any day. I have seen 2-3 year old bucks chasing does every day. Every single adult doe I have seen has been harassed by a small buck, and yesterday among 20-30 mph winds, I hung a new stand and hunted. Though I did not expect to see a deer, I saw 7 different bucks from 5:00-6:00. My stand was about 50 yards off a field edge where I found 4 huge scrapes under one Osage orange tree and a trail coming in the woods that is dotted with huge rubs as big as my thighs. I checked a trail cam I had in the area and there were 4 mature bucks on it over the past couple of days that I would shoot, no giants, but solid bucks.

Everyone of the bucks I saw yesterday came in and worked the scrapes, and then they just hung around in the small field. I am sure they were just waiting around hoping a doe would come into the food plot. The best buck was a 17″ wide, 3 year old 8 point that worked the scrape and then stepped into the woods and worked over a big cedar. I got out my grunt call, and hit it twice, and he came on a string to 12 steps and decided to feed for 5 minutes.

To me this all means in our part of the country that absolutely any day, the big mature bucks will be on their feet looking for the first receptive does. Rattling and grunting will work well, and it is a great time to decoy. The next week or two is the time that bowhunters wait all year on, so get out there and best of luck finding that buck of your dreams.

Hunt Hard…Tim H.

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