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November 16, 2009 by  
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Sorry it has been so long since I checked in…I got back from Sask, and my wife and I got SWINE FLU!!! It was bad. Then I went to Nebraska for a 6 day bow hunt, but I was still sick with terrible viral bronchitis. The temps started out as record highs (82 degrees in North Nebraska) and hunting was tough. The guys before us killed 14 bucks for 9 guys. It slowed down when I got there, and simply, I struck out. I saw one shooter deer twice (75 yards and 120 yards) and another in shooting range, but I had some technical difficulty with my arrow and string, and I didn’t score. That is bowhunting, and it was a good time, just wished I had felt better. I am just on the mend now…

While I was in NE, a lot went on with friends and big bucks. My buddy Jon LaCorte from Nikon killed a great buck from my magic stand in Saskatchewan. This is the deer I was hunting when I killed my big nontypical 3 weeks ago. How about those brows?!?!










Then, my buddy Cal Ferguson that I killed a pronghorn with in October sent me a photo of the 164″ hybrid mulie/whitetail he killed. I saw this deer as a 2.5 year old, and then we saw him one morning during my pronghorn hunt. Cal told me that was the deer he was after this year. he got him. Notice the mulie head and color, one side is like a whitetail rack, no white rump, a different tail, etc. No doubt this 6.5 year old is a toad and a very unique trophy.









Finally, Jody Foster, my buddy from Mississippi, sent me this photo the other day of a 200″+ KS whitetail that he stalked and shot at 25 yards. He had seen a 170″ typical a couple of times, but the opportunity at this guy was just too much! KS is kicking out a lot of 200″ deer this fall.

Jody KS







Weather is hot here in KY. I am rifle hunting for a couple of mornings, and then I am headed to Oklahoma to hunt the 21st-24. I am ready to break my November jynx and kill a decent deer. Wish me luck, and all you guys keep knockin’ em down. Hunt Hard…Tim H.


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