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Locked Whitetail Bucks

October 6, 2008 by  
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This was sent to me in an email and I’m just sharing the info

I have an awesome story to tell you.   Yesterday, (Friday, Sept. 26th) I got the priviledge to help free a couple of locked bucks.  Kale’s father-in-law saw the 2 bucks while doing his mail route.  One was already dead and the other was still alive.   We decided to throw a tarp on the live deer and then Adam and I held the buck down with a pallet, while Kale sawed the antler.  Kale’s dad Les was helping and taking pictures. We decided to cut an antler off the live buck in hopes that he would have a better chance at getting passed up being one racked.   The dead buck is a nice 2 year old point, and the live buck we think might be a 3 year old with good mass but average tine length.   Would have been fun to shoot the live buck but would not have been much for a story.  Oh yeah, after the live buck freed himself, he went running away with the 20′ tarp caught in his rack, but then got it wrapped around his head 150 yards later and he fell down in the alfalfa.  We then ran and grabbed the tarp and helped him free himself.  It was an awesome experience.  Enjoy the pictures.


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