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Latest hunting report from Mozambique

August 17, 2011 by  
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Tim’s latest update from Mozambique…day 7.

Things continue to go well. I took a nice Boheme Zebra, and we have been working hard on buffalo. They have been tough with the camera as they want to stay in the thick stuff where we can’t film. Finally today we got a break. We tracked two old bulls into a jungle and bumped them at 20 yards. We then went 2 miles ahead and setup in a bottle neck and sent the trackers to keep pushing the buff. After an hour, they came trotting out, and I hammered an old dugga boy at 15 yards. It was an exciting hunt.

The guys with me have had great success with another leopard, many plainsgame species and we are only half way through the trip. Check in soon, hunt hard…Tim H.

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