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Late Season Begins…Tim Herald

November 28, 2011 by  
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Late Season Begins

I always consider the week after Thanksgiving the official start to late season deer hunting. The past week in my part of the world was terrible weather wise (rain and 65 most days), but I did get to take my kids out a bit. Drew went with me the morning after Thanksgiving for his first treestand hunt. It started slow, but an hour in, we had a big group of does feeding in our oak flat, and he smoked a double in about two minutes using his TC Icon and Winchester PowerMax Bonded ammo. The first doe dropped on the spot and the other went about 20 yards.

I took Will the next day and we got skunked. Then on Sunday evening, we went to a ground blind in the pouring rain. This was the last afternoon of KY gun season, so I figured Will would shoot whatever we saw, if anything. Well, he surprised me. He passed up 5 small bucks and 2 does and told me he wanted to wait for a big one. I will be here this week and hope to be able to sneak him out a couple times after school with his Carbon Express crossbow, so we’ll see what happens. He is way more patient than I was when I was 11 years old. Those are really special hunts for me as I don’t get to hunt with my boys nearly as much as I would like to. That one on one time with father and son is irreplaceable.

Back to late season…so how many of you guys hunt after your gun seasons are over? I know here in KY, the hunter numbers really crash. There is great hunting ahead. Ohio opens with shotgun this week and also has a late muzzleloader and archery season. Iowa is just getting started on their 3 gun muzzleloader seasons. Kansas opens with rifle on Wednesday, and IL, KY and NE still have muzzleloader seasons to go. I am just mentioning some hot spots here as there are many places to hunt deer through January. Texas is best in December and January as is much of the South like MS and AL.

If you can hunt a place late and have cold weather, key in on food sources. I go back to tactics that I use in September. Deer are run down from the rut and need to build their bodies up before the long winter. They must eat, especially if it is cold. Afternoons on corn and bean fields or food plots can be very productive. Morning stands on trails leading from food to bedding are also hot spots. If you are in TX or the South, the rut is on, so everything goes.

Though I had to cancel my OH hunt this week, I plan to head out to ND on a late season bow hunt on Dec 3, and then pack my TC muzzleloader and head to TX on January 2. Hopefully I will have some good news to report from these trips. Let us know if you are still hunting and where. We love to see your success photos, so stay after that monster buck and keep us posted in your successes.

Hunt hard…Tim H.

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