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Last Day Colorado Buck

January 7, 2010 by  
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Joe Brooks, author of “Year-Round Trophy Whitetails” sent in this hunting report about a good friend of his in Colorado who whacked a big whitetail he’d been after all season.

My good friend Judd Lee took this great eight point buck on the last day of the Colorado deer season. Judd had a great fall helping some of his friends tag good bucks in Colorado and Nebraska, but he was struggling to put a decent animal on the ground for himself. The problem was not the fact that he wasn’t seeing good bucks. It was that he was having a tough time launching arrows and finding the mark, which is unusual for him as he has many good bucks to his credit. Judd had a few perfect opportunities during this season on good animals without even cutting a hair. A little frustration, and then determination, set in and he showed that if you do not give up good things happen.

Judd put a good game plan together for the last day of the season. But, as always they do not work out as you planned. When he got to his morning blind he found that it had been stolen. This must of took a lot of stupidity and guts by the perpetrators, as Judd is an ex-lawman and not one to fool with. Taking everything in stride, and thinking “what next” this year, Judd went to a nearby tree stand nearby. About twenty minutes later a few does arrived with the big eight point in tow. This buck was the main buck that Judd had been after all season, and now he was standing only eight steps from the base of the tree. The arrow was released and Judd had a great last minute finish to the season with just a few hours to spare.

This shows once again that you should never give up on your season, no matter how bad it is going. At any time “Mister Big” might show up, and your year can go from low to incredible in just a few seconds. Great job Judd!!!

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  1. Sissy in law says:

    Judd Lee (outside of my father of course) is an inspiration when it comes to hunting. He shows nothing but respect for this lifestyle and respect for people that have never had the experience for themselves. We are fortunate to have his example in the right way and why we have this way of living in our lives. Good hunting to you always!

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