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Larry’s 22 Point Indiana Giant

January 7, 2010 by  
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My name is Larry Himmelheber.  I live in Southern Indiana. I shot this 22 point deer opening morning of shotgun season 2009. It was extremely warm this year during opening season. We noticed that the deer movement had slowed down a lot during the day because of the warm weather. The rut had just gotten in full swing but mother nature put the brakes on. So, we did not expect to do very well. I set my climber up next to a well used trail that leads to a small thicket that I know the deer use. I was in the tree about an hour before sunrise. I didn’t see anything all morning, then about 10:00am I saw a doe coming up the ridge and a big buck on her tail. I watched them walk straight towards me. The doe never onced stopped the whole time they walked toward me. I was getting nervous that they may never stop to get me a clean shoot. I waited until they got about 30 yards away and he was broadside. I grunted and he stopped on a dime. I doubled lunged him and he dropped where he stood. I thought he was just a big 8 pointer until I got out of the stand and saw him up close. He was huge 14 point main frame with 8 stickers. The buck field dressed at 190lbs. with 19 1/2″ spread. I haven’t had him scored yet. Waiting to get him back from the taxidermist. Thank you hope you enjoy the pics..


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