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KY Youth Success

November 1, 2013 by  
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The 12th was a beautiful day in central Kentucky, but it was warm. Jason and I were a bit concerned that the temperatures might be high enough to really impede deer movement, but that season is only 2 days, so you have to try.

Jason and Jack settled into their double ladder stand for the afternoon hunt, and soon deer were feeding through their patch of woods. A small six pointer and a couple of does came by, but Jack was patient waiting for something bigger.

Thirty to forty minutes before dark, Jason saw the buck they were after making his way up the hill toward them, and he told Jack to get ready. The buck began feeding near the 6 pointer, but one of the two were looking toward Jack for over 5 minutes. Jack kept his cool and waited to move, and when both bucks were looking elsewhere, he eased his .308 up and got ready.

The 15 was slightly quartering to him, and Jack whispered, “can I shoot at that angle?” When Jason gave him the green light, Jack hammered the buck in the shoulder, and he only went about 50 yards before crashing in the creek down below.

Jacks-buckAfter a long hard drag out of the creek, the Tuttles were able to really look at and appreciate jack’s 140-class buck. Obviously they were both ecstatic, and a big congrats goes out to both.

Hunt hard…Tim H.

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