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KY Youth Success

November 1, 2013 by  
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Tuttle-184If you follow, you will remember a mid 180’s deer that my friend Jason Tuttle killed last fall after hunting him for over 30 days in Kentucky. Tuttle actually hunted the buck for 2 years and had trail camera photos of him for 4 years, all on a 100-acre farm. His success came on a mid November morning as the monster buck followed a doe up a steep hill through the woods toward his stand.

Fast forward to the summer of 2013 and Jason started getting trail cam photos of a deer that looked to have the same genetics as his big buck with forked tines, extra kickers, etc. The buck seemed to be living on the 100 acres as he showed up on a number of cameras in different locations.

During late September and early October the buck that Tuttle had determined was and aptly named “The 15 Pointer” became a regular on the trail camera that was set up just down the hill from the stand where he killed the monster of 2012. Kentucky has a youth only rifle season the second week of October, so Jason decided to target the deer for his 12 year-old son, Jack.

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