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Kinnick’s First Deer!

September 30, 2013 by  
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This is my 4 year old grandson Kinnick. He got his first gun for his 3rd birthday. It was a Cricket 22 rifle. On his fourth birthday, in June, he got a scope mounted on his 22. That was just the inspiration that he needed to begin shooting. He started picking softball size balloons off from 30 yards like it was easy. So we moved him up to the 17 cal rifle and moved the balloons to over 100 yards.  The first 4 out of 5 shots were a success like he had been shooting for years. That’s when he announced that he was going to shoot a deer like his daddy. So our goal was to get him shooting the 45 cal muzzleloader before youth season. The next step was the 223. He only shot it one time and only took 2 shots and told us that he was didn’t want to waste any more bullets since he hit the target with the first 2 shots. So it was time to get him shooting the muzzleloader, which he already knew that it was much louder than the others and was a bit skeptical. After shooting it on 2 occassions and only 5 total shots he was tired of shooting at balloons and targets and youth season was just a few days away.

The goal was just to let him shoot at a doe and possibly get his first kill. The 3rd night out hunting this 10 point non-typical buck with a double main beam walked out 45 yards away and it didn’t take any convincing to get Kinnick to find him in his sights and pull the trigger!

Kim Millard



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