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Kids Harvest First Deer

November 22, 2011 by  
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I had the privilege to take my son’s buddy, Josh Hageman, age 11 out hunting during the youth gun season this past weekend. On Saturday afternoon the 19th, Josh made a perfect 45 yard shot from a ground blind overlooking an alfalfa field. He was shooting a H&R youth 20 gauge, Ultra Slug shotgun loaded with a Winchester Platinum Tip 260 grain sabot slug. The doe went about another 50 yards and we watched it go down in plain view. Josh was super excited, what a great day in the field for all of us. Congrats again Josh!

Gavin Meng, age 12 from Indiana shot his first buck, a 7 point on opening day of the Indiana shotgun season. He was hunting with his Dad in a big creek bottom from a Sportsman’s Condo tower blind. Great job Gavin!


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