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Kentucky’s 2008 Deer Season Opening Weekend.

November 10, 2008 by  
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Technically bowhunters have been hunting for 2 months, but this past weekend 11/8th-9th was the Opening weekend for many deer hunters as it was the opening of Modern Gun Season for Kentucky.

From the stand where I was perched it was the slowest opener that I recall.  I literally did not hear the first shot till 7:30AM – and had only heard a dozen shots or so by noon.  This is in an area where it is not uncommon for me to hear nearly a 100 shots by 10:30AM on any given opening morning during gun season.  To top it off, I didn’t hear a single shot Sunday afternoon.  During my sits on the stand I did see a few does, but the deer movement was very slow compared to my past sits while bowhunting.  Overall from all the reports I heard and from talking to many hunters across the state it was a slow opener.

Although it was probably slow going in many areas some deer hunters still connected on some nice mature bucks like the hunter pictured below – this buck was taken in Western Kentucky.

Statewide Kentucky’s Modern Gun Season for Deer will run from Nov. 8th-17th – in Zones 1&2 the season will end on Nov. 23rd.

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