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Kentucky Youth Hunter’s First Buck.

December 2, 2008 by  
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The below is what the young hunter wrote to me ….

November 8 ,2008 First day of modern gun season in Jamestown Ky. .I had alot of faith in the property that I was hunting . It was blessed land with oak trees and pressimon trees and close to the river . Prior to the hunt I had only seen some turkeys and 1 doe. The rut was blazing when I killed him ( the monster buck) .I was sitting on the back porch of an old abandoned house . My uncle was in a barn to the far left of the old house . As I sat on the back porch of the old house I could hear that familar sound of leaves rustling in the distance. I didnt have a view of the particular area . I was debating on standing up to see and maybe take a shot but I decided aginst it. Then I heard the deepest grunt I have ever heard in my life . I stood up to see what it was . What I saw was two bucks standing face to face locking horns getting ready to fight. I didnt get a good look at the other deer he ran away into the woods but my deer went straight into the wood and gave me about 4 seconds to shoot. I knew he was big but I had no clue he was that big. I fired 3 shots from my Pa’s 30-06 pump action¬† I didnt think I hit him . My uncle was waiting for me to signal on the other side of the ridge in the barn .After my deer had ran out of sight I walked over to where my uncle was and gave him the signal with my hands above my head to show that I had shot a Monster Buck We looked everywhere and no blood trail to be found . My uncle sat down on a rock to rest . I stopped in front of him and I was getting ready to give up on the big buck I had just shot at , then all of a sudden my uncle gets this look the only other time I have seen him look this way was when he caught a 8 lb largemouth bass on Lake Cumberland. He pointed and said look, I turned around and there he was . I stumbled down the hill to get a closer look and I about fell.. There laid the Monster Buck . I looked and counted to 23 . I counted again just to be sure . I couldnt believe it . He was huge! We never weighed him but I am guessing 250lbs -275lbs . He scored non-typical 192 3/8¬† … AND THIS WAS MY FIRST DEER .


3 Responses to “Kentucky Youth Hunter’s First Buck.”

  1. jimmy dean says:

    WOW! kid. congrats that is an awesome buck.

  2. Tony Morris says:

    Congats on the buck, it is always good to see younsters out there hunting, instead of playing xbox.

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