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Kentucky Whitetail Season…A Short One

October 2, 2013 by  
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I love to hunt early September whitetails. I think it is possibly the best time to kill a good buck, and certainly the best time to kill a certain buck. Deer are still on summer feeding patterns and are at their most patternable. KY’s season was to start on Sept. 7 this year (and that  is as late as it can start  on the calendar), so I really figured my chances of killing a velvet buck were slim.

I have two friends that live in my area that are outfitters, and I really enjoy hunting with both of them. The first evening of season, I hunted with Steve Hartley Outdoors near Frankfort. I was between two alfalfa fields in a fence row, and Steve had seen up to 35 bucks on this farm at one time during the summer. I had a lot of deer activity and saw more than 30 deer including a beautiful 120″ 10 pointer that I believe was 2.5 years old, and a 120ish 3 year-old. Both of these bucks and 75% of the other deer fed within 25 yards of my stand, but the big boys just didn’t show up.

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  1. mike says:

    Super cool looking buck, i want a velvet!

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