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Kentucky Bowseason Off and Running

September 5, 2011 by  
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Tim’s back chasing whitetails in his home state with his son Zack. Great stuff, check it out.

I haven’t been able to hunt early archery season in some time around my home in Kentucky, but this year was different. We did a lot of trail cam work, set blinds and stands early, and got ready in general. When my boys and I hunt around here, we hunt on property that Steve Hartley Outdoors ( ) operates on. I have hunted there for 10 years, so I am familiar with all the spots and help Steve some with cameras, setting things up in some of the spots, etc.

To make a long story short, opening day was 97 degrees. I climbed in a stand knowing I was crazy, but had to try. I was targeting a nice wide 9 point or his running mate, an old gnarly messed up nontypical that Steve wanted out of the herd. We have seen 2 other deer with the same horn configuration, so he has been passing those genes along.

About 7:45, out stepped “Paddles” the old non-typical. I expected the 9 point to come out with him, but after 15 minutes, he didn’t show. Paddles fed in a hidden corner of a field in front of me, and I decided not to shoot him. The more I thought about it, the more I decided measuring a deer didn’t matter to me, and we had decided he should be taken out if possible. So with lots of good footage, I drew my Elite Prime and sent a Carbon Express Blue Streak arrow through his lungs at a mere 18 yards. He took off through the field and piled up about 90 yards away in sight. He won’t score for anything, and since I didn’t honestly expect to see a deer, I didn’t have my camera with me. This trail cam photo of him is the best I have.

Pressure off, it was time to have fun. I took Steve Hartley’s step-son, Zack, to my Double Bull Blind the second night. I had been watching 3 bucks between 120 and low 130’s, and any of these would be perfect for 15 year-old Zack. A 2 year-old 8 pointer came out and fed for 40 minutes in the rain, and I was shocked that no other deer showed. Then about 7:40PM, Zack said, “Big Buck coming, no there are 3!”

Immediately I saw a good 9 point, another 9 that we call “Big 7″, and a nice 120″ 8-pointer. It was all 3 deer that I wanted Zack to shoot. The lead deer was the best, and I told him to focus on that one. It was quartering away hard, and I told him to wait on the right shot. The deer stretched out at a slight quartering angle, and I told Zack to draw. Just as he did, the buck moved almost perfectly broadside. Zack let go, and he smoked the buck. He made a perfect double lung shot, and I could see blood pumping immediately.

The nice 9 pointer only went about 100 yards and piled up in the woods. We got it all on video, and I am excited about the footage as well as for Zack and his great deer.

Sometime in the next week or so, I will probably go out and try to whack a doe or two for management and the meat. Hope those who are getting to hunt this early are doing well. Hunt Hard…Tim H.


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