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Kentucky Bowhunter Tags Big P&Y Ten Point

November 19, 2009 by  
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Linden Ferguson from Kentucky provides this exciting account of his successful multi-year bowhunt for a really big whitetail buck.
The story with this buck started nearly three years ago in October of 2007 when I first caught him on my trail camera, traveling with two 140 class bucks. At the time, he was just a 3 1/2 year old 10 point that was around 125 inches, but with loads of potential. That was the last I saw of him that season.  In March of 2008, I found his right shed only 100 yards from my first trail camera shots of him! I then knew that he would be the buck I would be chasing come September of 2008…little did I know, this deer was kind of famous in my area, a lot of other hunters knew of him too.
Throughout the 08/09 season, I did not get one picture of him, he was traveling through the local farms and some close friends had pictures of him. I never saw this buck from the stand and harvested a different big buck that I had been watching all year too. In January, we had a bad snow and ice storm hit…like magic, he appeared along with several other bucks on my camera! He was alive and well and survived gun season and the harsh weather.
I looked all spring for his sheds but came up empty. I knew he should be alive and based on my new trail camera pictures, he looked to be about a 150 class deer.
Summertime came and so did the pre-season scouting with my trail cameras. I checked my cameras one day after returning from Boone and Crockett Headquarters in Missoula and he had appeared out of nowhere and was bigger than ever.  I estimated him to be 160-170 inches and knew that everything would have to come together to kill this big mature buck.
On October 13th, I hung a tree stand overlooking two white oaks and a persimmon tree. This spot was within 50 yards of my August trail cam photos and within 150 yards of where I found his shed. With a bedding area behind me and food in front, I felt I had picked the perfect spot! About 6:45 a doe came in directly downwind, stopped and stared my direction. All of a sudden, I hear the crunch, crunch of hooves. I look to my left and there stands this monster buck. I let settle the 15 yard pin on him, and release! All in just seconds, I had no time for buck fever. He trots off to 20 yards, I nock another arrow and put one more into him for good measure. He bounds off down into the ravine, at this point I feel sick because there are two arrows sticking out of him and he acted completely normal.
I get down from my tree stand after 30 minutes and begin tracking, and tracking, and tracking, the blood stops. I decided to back out and come back later. Since I had to work the next day, it was not until 4pm that we continued tracking. One problem…3 inches of rain the night before! We head in the direction he traveled but see nothing so we double back. I decide to track a bit further and look down into the steep ravine, I see a dead deer! I immediately start yelling and running down the side of the ridge! When I walk up on the deer, I am in awe, shock, and disbelief on the size of his rack and body! He was huge, easily my largest buck to date and second deer with archery tackle. After the pictures and long drag, we finally got my buck in the truck! All I can say is 3 years paid off and I am both lucky and proud to have harvested this buck, he is a once in a lifetime deer!
The 60 day drying period is not over at the time of this writing but I green scored this buck at 167 5/8 gross Boone and Crockett as a typical 10. He has one sticker off the left G-2, three tines that exceed 10 inches, all mass measurements exceed four inches, spread is nearly 19 inches, and main beams are over 23 inches. He will net in the mid 150’s. He ended up weighing 180lbs field dressed and about 220 live.
Congrats Linden on a giant buck with a bow!  Hey ya’ll, keep those stories and quality pictures coming in. Deer gun season is underway in many states with others about to start soon, we look forward to receiving yours very soon. Best of luck and hunt safe. Email us at

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