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Kentucky Bow Season Opener: Buck Down

September 6, 2010 by  
Share | reader and agent, John McCloud submitted the following hunting report about his successful 2010 opening day of archery season in Kentucky. Congrats to John for putting the smack down on a terrific velvet buck!

I shot this buck Saturday about 9 minutes into the hunt. I got to my stand crossing an open field. I sat down to the sound of the corn crunching 8 yards behind me in the woods where I put some corn Friday. I could barely make the deer out. A scrawny but wide 10,  a small 8, and then a HUGE buck. The big one didn’t eat, just smelled and backed off. Then they did what all bucks do… the opposite of what you planned. Rather than the trail to my right side they went on the other side through some unreal thick stuff. I slowly turned to watch the monster pass at 4 yards right under me, last in line. Still no shot. The 10 crossed my lane at 18, then the 8, I drew and was caught a bit off guard. The next buck was one I hadn’t seen yet. He stopped in the lane, looked at me, smelled up in the air and turned his head so I could make him out in what light I had. He showed me enough. He had a flyer on a G2, some stuff at the bases and was in full velvet. I let it go and he ran about 60 yards and flipped. While he ran straight away from me the monster buck paralleled him across the field. I will never know what may have happened had I passed the one I shot. Maybe the big one steps in, maybe he doesn’t stop, etc. I am happy regardless. My first velvet whitetail. I have been asked all day “what did he score”. I answered the same to everyone. “All he ever will”. I don’t care really, he’s over 130, and velvet buck is now off my list.

The pic is with a cell phone, and the rack is angled so it misrepresents the near side. Those tines are longer than they look on the near side. Also, there is a pond over my shoulder and the fog is rolling off of it. Shows you how cool it was this morning. I have never worn long sleeves opening morning until today.

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  1. larry mrcum says:

    cong. on a nice buck. it is wonderful when a plan comes togather !!

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