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Kaydi’s first buck

November 13, 2012 by  
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12 year old Kaydi Heil shot this wide racked buck on her Dad’s farm in Greene Co, IL. during the 2012 youth season. She was shooting a TC Omega muzzleloader. A big American-Hunter congrats to Kaydi on taking her first deer! Here is the story of her hunt from her Dad.

It was an evening hunt out of a Banks blind which was placed over a Whitetail Institute fall foodplot.  We chose that blind mainly because it was set up to hunt that foodplot on a NW wind which is what we had that day. The buck came out of the timber @ 15 minutes before last filming light  to join 9 does and fawns in the foodplot.  He nudged a few does and acted like a king.  Next he browsed on the food  plot for a  minute and decided to make his way out of the foodplot and walked by the Banks blind at about 40 yards.  Kaydi drilled him high in the kill zone and he ran about 40 yards into some tall grass where  we thought we saw him go down.  I was pretty sure he was down, but I couldn’t guarantee it because the grass was so tall and thick.  Since it was getting dark and it was cold enough we decided to do the recovery in the morning just in case her shot placement wasn’t as good as I thought.  The buck was right where we thought he would be the next morning.

Jeff Heil


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  1. John Hume says:

    Wow , Kaydi’s first buck is bigger than any deer I’ve taken in my 30 plus years of hunting. Congradulations Kaydi. I am definately impressed.

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