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Kansas Rifle Season with Tim Herald, Part 2

December 3, 2010 by  
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Tim is hunting rural, western Kansas and doesn’t have an Internet connection. No surprise there, he’s emailing me reports from his cell. Sounds like they are seeing a lot of great bucks and having fun. Tim is filming and looking for the right buck. Unfortunately many that he’s seen are broken up from fighting. Here’s his latest report.

Kansas rifle hunting report from The Zone

Day 2 in Kansas was pretty awesome. At daylight we spotted a huge buck working through some CRP and we made a move to cut him off. As we got close to where we wanted to be, we saw the 150″ ten point we had seen the night before. We elected to let him go and try for the bigger deer. I’m not in the habit of passing 150 bucks, but we did it anyway. We got to a fence corner and set up as the bigger buck came toward us. At 250 yards, we determined that one side was missing his G3 and G4. In tact, he would probably have been mid 170’s. So we passed him too…crazy right? Later in the morning, we saw another huge ten pointer that was well over 170, but he was on a neighboring property 125 yards away.

In the evening, we stalked a big buck, and at a bit over 100 yards, I could tell that he was a huge 8 point with a missing brow tine. I know he was over 150. There are lots of huge deer out here! This morning we set up in the same spot as yesterday. We had another big buck walk from 500 to 90 yards, but he was missing half his rack. The side he had was 6 points, and I guess in tact he was probably between 160-170. Again pass.

It is 60 degrees this afternoon so I don’t expect much movement. Tomorrow is supposed to be much cooler, so we are hoping for the best. Will check back in.

Hunt hard… Tim H


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