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Kansas Rifle Season with Tim Herald

December 1, 2010 by  
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Tim is out in western Kansas for the rifle season which opened today. Sounds like he’s got some excellent country to hunt so its probably just a matter of time. Based on my archery hunt in east central Kansas the first week of November I’m actually not surprised to hear Tim’s report that the rut is going strong because it hadn’t started when I was out there.

Report from Kansas Rifle Season…From The Zone

Here is western Kansas hunting with my buddy Rick Rhoads and Back Rhoads Outfitters. We decided to spot and stalk today while some of the guys stand hunted. Everyone saw lots of deer, but none of the 6 of us shot a buck. There are some really big deer here, and we are holding out a bit. Bill Miller from North American Hunter magazine saw a 150″ buck and it closed to 189 yards, and he wanted to shoot it with a  TC Encore pistol, but he never got a clear shot.

I saw a nice mature 9-pointer both this morning and this afternoon that will go in the 140’s, but we passed. Just at dark and after camera light, we saw a really nice tall 150ish 10-pointer. I would seriously consider shooting that deer. I also saw a broken up deer that would probably be close to 170, but his left side was almost completely snapped off. The thing I was surprised by was that the rut is still on here. We saw bucks locked down with does, we saw chasing, we saw cruising, it is still happening. Every group of does had a few bucks following them, so I am pretty hopeful about the next 4 days. I probably saw 30 bucks today, a lot between 130 and 140, so it is shaping up to be a great hunt.

I will check in as often as I can, and we will send photos when some deer get killed. Hunt Hard…Tim H.


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