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Kansas Monster Buck by Adam Hays

February 11, 2013 by  
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Kansas and Monster Bucks go hand in hand, that’s why it has been one of my favorite destinations for some time now. With it’s mixture of cedars and cottonwoods that make up what little bit of timber that separates field after field of CRP and prairie grasses, the terrain looks like a giant whitetail could emerge from the cover just about everywhere you look! The area I hunt in northeast Kansas has a pretty good mixture of cover, unlike most of Kansas that’s wide open, and I have seen my share of wall hangers there! Killing them has been a different story though. In the last 8 seasons I’ve spent hunting there, at various times of the season, I’ve laid eyes on a few giants and a couple that would crack the 200” mark. Having said that, I must humbly admit the best buck I have tagged there wouldn’t pass the 150 mark. Now I’m the first to admit that a 150” buck is a big deer no matter where you hunt and I have been more than happy with my success there, but I know the giants are there and that’s why I keep going back.

This year was a little different in Kansas, hard hit by the drought, the trail cameras didn’t produce the bigger deer like they normally do. Some areas were hit hard with EHD and we feared most of the mature deer in our area might have been affected also. I kept in close contact with my good friend Kris Seymour, who runs my trail cameras for me in the area I hunt along with a few dozen he runs for himself, just hoping for a good buck to show. Like I mentioned before, the summer pics were few and far between for the big guys so instead of hunting there early like I had originally planned, I concentrated on Illinois and Ohio until I got the call from Kris that a good buck had shown up. That call didn’t come till the first week of November. It was actually a text message and picture instead of a call, the picture was of a giant 10 point and the message simply read, “get here quick”! I was loaded and ready to leave the next morning.


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