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Kansas Monster Buck

October 28, 2009 by  
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Bill Collins harvested this monster buck on October 22nd at Fort Riley, Kansas. This buck grossed over 190 and may be the one of the largest bucks to ever be harvested on Fort Riley with a bow. Bill provided me with an exciting story about this trophy buck. Congrats Bill!

Kansas monster buck

It was a cold and rainy Kansas day.  The temperature had dropped 30 degree’s in 2 days with the perfect North wind for the stand location I had seen a monster buck in a week prior.  So after work my buddy Rob and I set out for the stand.  We were hunting a creek bottom 300 yards apart that had several nice bucks cruising it.  Trail Cam pic’s from season’s prior keyed us in and let’s not forget the encounter I had a week prior when I saw the biggest buck I had ever layed eyes on.  Knowing the pre-rut was underway, we hit the stands about 3:30 that evening in great anticipation to spot a big buck cruising.  Well after sitting there for 2 1/2 hours and not seeing a thing, I saw a big bodied deer shoot into the woods off the field I was hunting 75 yards away.  I couldn’t see any antler’s but I had a good guess it was a buck, so I grabbed my Bone Collector Grunt Call from Flextone and went into a grunt sequence, hitting the snort weeze last before putting it away.  After waiting not even 5 minutes to see if I turned that deer around I heard this grunting from behind me and closing the distance fast, I looked over my left shoulder and all I could see was a mass of antler coming at me. I turned back to my left to grab my Bow while trying to stay calm. I turned back to my right only to see him pass my shooting lane at only 18yards and get behind some limbs.  I quickly drew back the Hoyt X-Tec and grunted to stop him at 23 yards, I leaned out and put the beed just behind his rib cage due to the harsh quartering away angle he was standing at and let the arrow fly. Boiler Room.  I watched him go only 40 yards before I heard a crash.  I then knew that my Magnus Stinger BuzzCut Broadhead did the job once again, to now include a giant Kansas buck.  After 45 long minutes of waiting to meet up with Rob, we recovered this Fort Riley, Geary County Monster.  I can’t thank Flextone enough for making such a good call and Magnus Broadheads for the amazing Stinger BuzzCut.  Thanks to them I now have a 190″ monster Kansas whitetail to hang on the wall.

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    Congrtas bill huntign is a passion of mine i love to see other people fell the passion of hunting the great out doors

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