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Josh Button’s 9 Point Buck

October 25, 2010 by  
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This is a great story submitted by a hard working young hunter from Arkansas named Josh Button. Congrats to Josh on a successful bowhunt,  a great buck and meat in the freezer for his family!  Hey, American Hunters out there! Keep those hunting stories and pictures coming in! Go to the About page to learn how to submit your info for consideration.

My name is Josh Button, I am 17 years old and I have a huge passion for the outdoors and bowhunting. I started hunting when I was 13 with my first bow ever. It was a PSE Spider that my Dad had got me for my 12th birthday. My Dad was not much of a big hunter back then so most of my adventures as a young hunter were by myself in the treestand. I had hunted for most of the year and never got a chance to connect on a deer. But Jan.28 I had finally got my first doe…and since that day I have turned bowhunting into my life.

Now the story on my 2010 9 pt. Sunday October 24th was not an all around good day for hunting it was a windy and just mucky day we had got some rain a few days before but just not much deer activity had been going on. I had hunted that morning with my good friend Steven Fuller and we had seen a couple basket racks and some does, but we were after a wall hanger. 12:00 noon came around and I headed to my house and my house is on the edge of town in some what of an urban area but there is a massive number of deer running around. I decided to take the dirt road behind my house just to see if the deer were even moving, and as soon as I turned up my drive to my house I noticed a big 9 pt. buck run across the field into a big thicket, and my trees stand happens to be overlooking that thicket. Well, I wanted my dad to get a deer because he is always working and never has much time to get out and hunt, so I called him and told him that I had seen that buck and he said “well son I am in Combs, Arkansas riding four wheelers” so he told me to get up in the stand and try and take him. So I got to my house as quick as possible and grabbed my gear and threw some camo on and grabbed my bow. I thought he bedded down so I didn’t rush into the woods I tip toed like a mouse and climbed in my stand. As soon as I sat down and knocked a arrow into rest I heard a crash coming up the treeline and I saw him make his way up the hill about 30 yards from me and the wind was going right towards him and he looked up and saw me and my heart sank I just knew he was going to bust me and I would never see him again. But God must of been setting next to me because the weirdest thing happened, the buck turned around and walked about 5 yards and bedded down facing the opposite direction from me. I remember saying to myself Thank You Jesus! I didn’t even stand up I stayed seated and I finally built the courage to draw back and as soon as I did he turned around and we locked eyes. I thought he was about to run and that was my only shot I would get so I let an arrow fly my eyes were watering so I didnt know if I had hit him or not. I waited about 20 minutes and went and looked where he was and couldn’t find anything just some leaves scruffled up.  I thought I missed so I went up to my house in grief that I had missed a good buck but at the same time I had a gut feeling that I had hit him and he just wasnt bleeding good yet. Three hours had went by and finally I said to myself that I know I hit him so I walked back down there and still found nothing. Then I thought if he is wounded there is a creek bottom with some water in it about 50 yards away and like they say deer will run to water if they are hurt. I walked down there and sure enough right off the bat I found blood. Walked about 20 more yards and sure enough I looked up and my jaw dropped he was laying right there. That moment I called about everybody in my phone book to tell them I had got a buck!

Gear shed
Bow: Diamond Black Ice
Arrows: Carbon Express Mayhem Hunters 350
Broadheads: Rage
Clothing: Realtree AP pants, Muck Boots,

It would mean so much to me if you guys would really take the opportunity to read this story and publish it.

Thanks for everything guys.

Josh Button


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  1. amy button says:

    What a great story Josh! I am so proud of you.

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