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Joe Baxter’s Drop-Tine Monster!

November 10, 2010 by  
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Another reader and avid hunter submits the following story about his huge drop tine Ohio buck.  Nice job Joe!  The rut is in full swing across the Midwest, get in your stand today if you can.

My name is Joe Baxter and I have been hunting whitetail for 15 years. I live in Vermilion, Ohio great place to drop anchor. I live to hunt and anxiously await bow season every year. It’s in my blood I’m sure I don’t have to explain. I log some serious hours in my tree stand every season not always graced with good luck.

This year I accomplished something that I only dreamed about. I see big bucks or what I thought were big bucks but I never ever expected to see what I saw on Thursday ( 11-04-10). I got in my stand at 3:47 P.M. the wind was North, Northwest at 5-10 mph. I had hung some scent bombs prior to my ascent to help with the tantalizing idea that it would bring in a buck. I got in got situated and  waited. The woods were silent and inactive. As I scanned the woods for deer my eyes caught some movement at 4:55. I could not believe what I was seeing antlers, antlers for days. This buck that had emerged from nowhere was moving in front of me at 50-60 yards. All I could see was white and whole lot of it. I saw a drop tine on the left this thing was freak-in huge. My heart raced,  the adrenaline was coursing through my veins, I freaked out, started shaking uncontrollably, teeth were chattering. Yes, I had buck fever times a million. I grunted and bleated to no avail. This thing wouldn’t even look in my direction. He passed thru in a matter of seconds and there was nothing I could do but watch and cry. He went about 100 yards away and laid down in a thicket. For an hour I plotted what a I would do. Then some does passed thru the thicket and he did what what they do this time a year. He started to chase, snorting, grunting the whole nine yards. Now they are about 200 yards away and moving out when suddenly the does turned and came right at me 150, 100, 50,20, right under my stand and all the while this freak of nature was in tow. He got within 9 yards before I dropped the hammer with my (Iceman) bow. Perfect shot at 5:55 P.M. he went 40 yards done, game over. I waited 40 minutes. got down and claimed my prize. Buck of a lifetime!



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  1. Vince says:

    You don’t see many deers like that in Ohio! Nice kill Joe!

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