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Jeff’s Best Buck!

October 30, 2011 by  
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Article and pictures provided by frequent American-Hunter contributor, Jeff Allen of Ohio. Congrats Jeff on a super buck, you earned him!

Whew! The season is over already?  I had several bucks this year on camera.  I had one farm with at least 5 Pope and Young bucks.  I ‘m lucky enough to hunt a couple of very nice farms. My last few bucks have been from an awesome urban farm south of town, but this year with a new camera strategy I was able to get multiple big bucks on cameras up at another farm. Scouting time is limited these days, so I ended up placing 3 cameras out on this farm to figure out where to be at the opening bell in September.  I had a tough time getting them patterned in the early season with beans up everywhere. I put in a few hunts, but they just weren’t moving much during daylight hours. I never really knew exactly where they where headed. I kept getting a tall 12pt on camera at one of my mineral licks which obviously kept me interested.

Scrape activity got going the second week of October. This farm has many pin oaks on the edges which really makes it fun as the rut gets closer. It was clear I needed to be on or near an oak and a scrape. I set up 2 new tree stands. I patterned does both times I hunted the field edge and planned to just wait until the rut really got going to hunt that stand. I helped an uncle drag out a great mature rutting buck on the 17th from the same farm and field edge. I new with the on coming cold spell that it was going to be red hot this weekend. I checked the cameras and didn’t find too much. I had a nice buck walking away on both cams (picture included), but I couldn’t really tell what caliber of deer it was. I was just hoping it was at least a 10pt that I had found sheds from last year. He is the reason I decided to implement a new camera strategy. I was stoked when I got several pictures of him in velvet very early in summer. After I sat out most of the last two weeks I was really looking forward to Friday night and Saturday morning.  I decided to hunt the field edge stand with my buck decoy.  After the sun disappeared behind the clouds to the west I heard a deep grunt.  After 3 hours on the stand you obviously question your sanity on whether you heard what you think you heard. I just made sure I had a fixed eye on the edge where it came from, and eventually I caught a glimpse of a doe. She was interested in my buck decoy at first, but then she spooked a little back to the others. Eventually mama doe lead them past and down wind of decoy, and I felt good because they didn’t get upset about any unusual scents on him.

My suspicions and prayers where answered when a ton of antler started coming out of that same edge. I quickly drew and worked to line up my site while also grunting not once but twice to get him stopped. The rest is history. Perfect 15 yard shot resulted in a back leg kick and a 70 yard run straight out in beans. I never had time to really look at his rack. I new it was crazy big and that’s it.

He is an awesome main frame 12pt. His split G3 & G4  could be a scoring issue along with the 2 extra sticker points. So I ‘m positive he is P&Y and hoping he is at least a Buckeye Big Buck.  He is a stud that happens to have a few “abnormal” points. I never had a picture of this buck until last week. He could be from one of several parks in the area. He is my 1st October buck and 7th consecutive “biggest buck”.  An impressive streak that is bound to come to an end sometime, especially when you consider I will have 4 children by next year’s bow season. The shed hunting, camera’s, and better stand placement will all hopefully get me on a giant again in 2012, especially if my wonderful wife is as supportive as always.

Coincidentally, that tall 12pt that I was after, passed by behind me at less than 40 yards while I was calming down after the shot. What a year for big bucks and it’s not even November yet.

Jeff Allen

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