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Jason Cleveland of Whitetail Properties 163″ Iowa Buck

November 16, 2011 by  
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Jason Cleveland of Whitetail Properties shot this big 163 6/8 buck in Decatur county Iowa on November 4, 2011. He was shooting a Bear Anarchy bow, with a Whisker Biscuit  arrow rest, and Steel Head Xl broadhead. Jason says:

At first light the does were in the field on the horizon.  I saw a mature deer across the field with one doe standing away from the rest of the deer. The herd of the deer were slowly feeding our direction.  After a half hour of him standing in the fence row his doe broke and headed towards us with him on her tail.  She read the script, and brought him to 20 yards.  He was quartering to us pretty hard when I stopped him.  If he were to take one more step into the timber I would not have a shot.  So I put the arrow right behind the shoulder hoping to run it through him long ways.  It worked and he ran off over the hill.  The doe he was following stood around too long trying to figure out what went on and I shot her too.  The blood trail was light but he only went 150 yards.


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