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James Tags Indiana Muzzleloader Buck

December 21, 2009 by  
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Kenny Bevans provided this hunting report from a successful blackpowder hunt with his buddy James Mugrage.

Indiana firearms season was fast approaching as we headed back from a week with Wolf Creek Outfitters of Ohio owned and operated by Ben Rising and Jarod Hawkins. We were very excited to get back to our Indiana lease we have with Base Camp Leasing. James and I have had this particular lease for a few years and have trailcam photos of at least five mature deer over 140″. 

Opening morning was finally upon us and we headed south with high expectations. We were going to hunt tree stands we had recently hung, before the trip to Ohio, because of some great trailcam photos of bucks entering and exiting a green field.  We didn’t get all of our shooting lanes cut prior to the hunt so I opted to put James above me for a better view. He was hunting and I was filming. We normally have the camera above the hunter but in this case that would not work do to our lack of pruning. I’m sitting there enjoying the view when I look to my left and a mature buck was heading across the green field directly toward us. I tell James a buck is coming because he is facing the opposite direction.

I got the camera ready and noticed the lens had fogged up. I’m now in a panic because I did not want to blow this opportuntiy for James. James is coaching me on where the buck is located as I am cleaning the lens with my face mask. Fortunately, I was able to get the camera swung around and on the deer just in time for James to center-punch him and drop him in sight just over 40 yards away. The buck was an 11 pointer with a split g3 that scored 144 6/8″.

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