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It’s not over yet by Adam Hays

November 18, 2013 by  
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Full moonThere’s no other month like November for getting monster bucks up on their feet and moving during the daylight hours! If you’ve been lucky enough to shoot a giant before now, unlike myself, congratulations! If you haven’t don’t fear, there’s a lot of great hunting left and the best couple weeks of the season are right around the corner.

I have been hunting hard since September in Kansas, Illinois and Ohio without much luck at all. The big buck I had my sights set on here at home has been a no show on the trail cameras since September 3rd, probably hiding in a corn field somewhere, which by the way – why is there still so much corn standing??? Come on farmers, lets get busy, we have some big bucks to kill! I came close in Illinois on a big 10 point that was pushing the 170” mark, but the closest he came to the tip of my Black Eagle arrow was 74 yards, just out of my 60 yard comfort zone. I also chased a big 12 point in Kansas for 10 days straight that was somewhere in the 170-180 range, but the only look I got of him was on the Cuddeback. Needless to say it’s been a frustrating season so far, but the next couple weeks should be great and I’m off to the Edmonton Bow Zone on the 17th!

If you follow the moon like myself, you know that the full moon is due to hit on November 17th. This moon is the trigger for the rut, being the second full moon after the Autumn Equinox, and peak breeding should take place 10-12 days after, making the next couple weeks great for big bucks chasing does! Not only that, we have an underfoot moon peaking in the evenings, coming right behind the full moon which should help make afternoon movement even better! If there’s ever been a two week period to make sure you are in the stand as much as possible and even settle in for some “all day sits”, the time has come!

Don’t worry, if Thanksgiving comes and goes and you still have an unfilled tag, it will be time for some of my favorite hunting! Once the rut winds down it;s time for the biggest bucks to begin their trolling phase. With the majority of the does getting bred in mid November, the biggest bucks in your area will still be moving, on the hunt for the last does to come into heat. This is a great time to score on a giant. When December hits, it’s also time for mature bucks to begin feeding heavily again, trying to build their bodies back up for the long winter ahead, and food sources really come into play late in the game. So never fear my friend, lots of great hunting left and I will be right out there with you and in the next few weeks I’ll discuss some of my late season tactics for scoring on a giant towards the end of the season.

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