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It’s Game Time for Whitetails by Tim Herald

August 17, 2012 by  
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It’s Game Time for Whitetails

Many states open their whitetail seasons in early September, so it is time to get serious about preparation. We should all be out shooting our bows every day, and I highly suggest shooting out to at least 20 yards farther than you actually would ever shoot in the field. Believe me, if you are competent shooting at 60 yards, that 35 yard shot will be much easier.

I also think exercising regularly will help make us all better archers; I know I can see a definite difference in my shooting when I get in shape. I am doing cardio and core training5-6 days a week, and high rep. lifting about 3-4 days a week. You can tell a difference in your groups within 2 weeks. It doesn’t take that long, and you will feel better and be overall healthier. Nothing motivates me to work out like hunting!

August is also a great time to go out and glass bucks in the evenings in crop fields like soybeans and alfalfa. You can inventory your deer on the hoof, and sometimes it helps a lot to look at a deer in the spotting scope rather than just rely on trail cams. Speaking of trail cams, this is also a very important time to be running those. We have had our Primo’s Truth Cams out for a week or so now on a regular basis, and the deer intel is racking up. Patterning late summer bucks is essential if you hope to arrow a bruiser in early September. In states where corn is legal, putting cams over a some corn at the edge of a crop field or just inside the woods is almost a sure bet. If corn isn’t legal, mineral licks are also good in summer.

If you are hunting early September, you should also already have stands or blinds out, or be setting them very soon. I like to have at least 2 weeks between hanging a stand and hunting in early season.

You can’t do too much prep work early. Taking a bruiser buck in September is 95% about preparation and 5% actual hunting (shooting). This is the best time of year to get out there, find and pattern a big buck, and then use your head and go in and make a surgical strike and take him out. I love hunting September because you probably have more control over the hunt at that time than during any other period of the season.

I will be at Cabela’s in Wheeling, WV this Saturday and Sunday – and in East Hartford, CT on August 24-25 doing whitetail seminars and visiting with fellow hunters. If you are in the area, stop by and say, “Hi.” Hope to see you there.

Hunt Hard…Tim H.


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