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December 7, 2009 by  
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Here is the rest of my story…After taking the big 150″ 8 pointer, I went back to the same stand to shoot a doe.

A few does came out about 200 yards out, and then I looked up and saw tines in the same spot where I spotted my buck the evening before. When he stepped in the open, I couldn’t believe it. It was a true giant of a 10 pointer. He ended up walking in to 75 yards and fed in front of me for 15 minutes.

I guessed the buck at a solid 170, and he was in easy muzzleloader range, but I had used my buck tag the night before. Oh well…we make our choices. It was really cool to watch this giant just doing his thing.

When we got back to Bill Winke’s house, and showed him the footage, he told us that this was one of the top bucks on his hot list this year. The called him, “the no name buck”, and Bill said he figured he would go 170 net. He has lots of trail cam photos, velvet footage, etc., but they hadn’t seen him since November 5th.

I am pretty sure I know where Winke will be hunting in the late season…it was a great hunt in southern Iowa. Again…thanks to Bill Winke and everyone be sure to check his show out at

Hunt Hard…Tim H.


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  1. You should have shot pictures of him with your camera! 😉

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